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The Institute on Black Life

MLK Statue

IBL Bridging the University and Community

IBL Scholarships

Undergraduate Students

Bank of America Scholarship – Florida residents
Bright House Networks Scholarship
Janet and Samuel Okogbaa Memorial Scholarship
Ruth and Jerry Bell Endowed Scholarship
Xerox Scholarship - undergraduate Business majors

Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Catherine & John Lott Brown Endowed Scholarship
Robert Louis Allen Endowed Memorial Scholarship
The Ivory Club Endowed Scholarship - International students

The Institute on Black Life administers a number of scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students that were established to provide academically talented students, from diverse backgrounds, the opportunity to study at the University of South Florida.

To be considered for a scholarship, APPLICANTS ARE REQUIRED to complete a financial aid (FAFSA)* application available from the USF Office of Financial Aid or on line at Applicants of the Ivory Club Scholarship are not required to submit a FAFSA due to international student status. Other requirements may apply.

Click here for a copy of the IBL Scholarship Application

SUBMIT Completed applications to Elizabeth L. Dunham, IBL – FAO 270

The Institute on Black Life 2017 – 2018 Scholarship Recipients

Institute on Black Life Scholarlship 

Chidi Amakoh—Civil Engineering 


Catherine & John Lott Brown Endowed Scholarship 

Cindy Terri Beaulieu—Biomedical Science 

Lisa Armstrong—Anthropology 

Ileana Rodriguez - Communications 

Jasmine Burnett—Biomedical Science 

Brandon Davey—Physics 

Alauna Pearson—Psychology 


Ruth & Jerry Bell Endowed Scholarship 

Mmeso Blessing Obimdike—Psychology 

Nathalie Marcelin—Sociology 

Bianca Taylor—Psychology 

Zionna Wilson—Undeclared 


Bright House Scholarship 

Chelsea Djedi—Biomedical Science 


Ivory Club Scholarship 

Kierra Namataka Lentsch—Integrative Animal Biology 

Yordanos Molla—International Studies 

Neto Meliane Coulibaly—Biomedical Science 


Robert Lewis Allen Memorial Scholarship 

Betty Maxi—Biomedical Science 

Jephte Estiverne—Communications 


Janet & Samuel Okogobaa Memorial Scholarship 

Stevenson Morency—Engineering 

Karon Washington—Engineering 

Mark Moussa—Engineering